SL 12 on tridem chassis for Ax-Saltra

Bolted assembled combination of CIFA SL12 on tridem MOL chassis for our client Ax-saltra


AHS : Cifa SL12 op MOL Tridem      AHS : Cifa SL12 op MOL Tridem   AHS : Cifa SL12 op MOL Tridem   AHS : Cifa SL12 op MOL Tridem

Concrete in the pipe line?

Is the pipe line of your concrete pump full of concrete due to a blockage or defect?

AHS – Alcomat Hydraulic Service nv can mean the difference for you by having this pipe line industrially cleaned.
No long delivery times and sky-high costs, but a faster and more efficient solution with a shorter standstill.

Contact us for a quick solution at the first signs of trouble!



Publication in Grond Weg Waterbouw magazine – Special Concrete (magazine in the Dutch language)

Assembling machines tailored to the customer creates an added value for employees and employers.
With attention to detail, European quality, safety and flexibility without ignoring the legal provisions.

Interested in your own concrete machine? Contact us for free info or quotation!
Thanks to Grond Weg Waterbouw for the publication.

AHS persartikel GWW-Bouw

CIFA K40H on VOLVO for Entreprise Cosse

CIFA K40H on VOLVO for Entreprise Cosse  – 40 meter boom – 160 m³ pumping element with 80 bar pressure on the concrete.


SLA 12 on tandem chassis for Malmix Beton

Bolted installation of CIFA SL12 on tandem MOL chassis with independent auxiliary motor in its own AHS housing.
With attention to the charity of our client Malmix Beton.